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Tech Tools for Tutors: Trello

In this series, I’m sharing some of the fantastic technology tools that we use to manage 20 tutors and 50-100 students at any given time!

Today, we will focus on the amazing program Trello! It is an app and also for desktop.

Have you ever used a project management software? If not, here’s why I would recommend it!

  • It’s designed as a way to visually see a “project” and move it along the pipeline so you can see which step you are in and what needs to be done in each step.

  • It is a way to get all those notes organized into one place!

  • Get all the information out of your head and down onto a place that will be saved for however long you want, then toss it later if it’s not needed anymore.

You get to create and design your boards however you want! Here’s a quick snapshot of some of our boards:

It’s quick and easy to create a board in minutes! Here’s one I came up with just for this blog post for someone with a limited amount of students. With our large number of kids, it may be too much to have them all on here, but now I’m thinking it might be fun for us to try out at our center! 

I called it “Barton Levels” and you can drag and drop each card (each student) down the pipeline as they move into the next level and the next level and the next.

And here’s an example of a card on that board. Notice that you can add notes in the description area and also below in the Activity section. If you have staff, look at the right hand column here where it says “Members” and add whoever you want to the card, then tag them with the @ symbol in the Activity section and it will send them a notification. This is how my staff and I communicate with each other about different students or different events.

I absolutely could not run a large tutoring center without Trello! The best part is it’s FREE! You can get more features with a paid subscription, but we manage just fine with the free version.

If you want me to help you design a custom set of Trello boards specifically customized just for you and your needs, schedule a coaching session with me! I’d love to play around with Trello and help you out too!


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