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Benefits of Remote Tutoring

There are many benefits to remote tutoring. Here are some of the important benefits I have identified in my work with dyslexic students.

  1. Accessibility: not everyone has a Barton Reading and Spelling tutor in their local area, so this gives everyone the opportunity for an excellent tutoring program regardless of location.

  2. Convenience: Eliminates time, effort, and gas required to drive to and from the lessons.

  3. Scheduling Flexibility: Online tutoring lessons can often take place at a time when in person tutoring would not fit with a student’s schedule.

  4. Allows for the possibility of conducting lessons at school during the day. Some schools, especially high schools or other private schools will be open to giving a student permission to leave class for tutoring.

  5. Students enjoy online tutoring! It’s a very engaging form of tutoring, with the student always being asked to click, rearrange, manipulate, and they stay very active through the whole process.

  6. Lessons can be taught very quickly because all the materials are right there on the screen and ready to go!

  7. Students build keyboarding skills!

  8. Students improve organizational skills as they take ownership for their tutoring “study area”.

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