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Helping Students to Read Words at a Quicker Pace

I made this video (10 minutes in length) to demonstrate fluency tips for teachers and tutors. Some things you’ll see demonstrated in this video:

  1. You will see that I first have the student read (untimed) to see if he has at least 80% accuracy without much assistance from me. Do NOT test for speed with words that have concepts that the student has only recently been exposed to or never been exposed to.

  2. When a word is read incorrectly, have the student correct it and talk about it if need be. Then add in one new item, then return to the missed item. Then add in two items, then return to the missed item. Then add in three items, then return to the missed item. This helps with both memory and fluency.

  3. If a student cannot seem to remember a word, it is usually because they don’t know what that word means. Discuss what the word is and use a visual picture. (In this video, we talked about the SKY and what it looks like, what is in the SKY, and then you will notice that he no longer misses that word anymore)

  4. Read the words (untimed) from top to bottom, then bottom to top, then in random order. Once they are 100% accurate, then and only then can you introduce SPEED. Use a timer or stopwatch. Make it fun. Let the student pick a goal number.

  5. Try to have the student read for SPEED at least twice, beating their old number hopefully.

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