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Small Change with Big Impacts

Here’s something you can try TODAY to bring in additional clients, make additional money, help support your students, and impact your community!

  • What if you attended your student’s next parent-teacher conference?

  • What if you joined in on the next 504 plan meeting?

  • What if you sat in on an IEP meeting?

Maybe you already do this, and if so, that’s great! Keep on reading to get more tips on how to make this process even better! If you don’t currently do this, let me challenge you to try it this month!


  • Bring in some quick cash right away (if you decide to charge for this service)

  • Support students in the classroom setting which means they will make greater progress in tutoring too!

  • Build relationships with the school staff in your area, which leads to long term success for your business.


  • The parents should take the lead on this. Never try to reach out directly to the teacher or administrator. It is more effective to just have the parent invite you to the meeting and you join them.

  • The parents do not need to tell the school ahead of time that you are attending. This can make the school feel threatened and you don’t want to have that feeling going into the meeting. Just show up as a guest of the parents and introduce yourself once you are there.

  • Make sure you know what the GOAL of the parents is before going to the meeting and try to stay aligned with that goal at all times. If it is to help the staff understand more about dyslexia, then make sure you know your facts and research about dyslexia so the staff can ask you questions and you can give good answers. If the goal of the parents is to get appropriate accommodations for their child, make sure you know about 504 plans and what accommodations are typically provided by the school for students with learning disabilities.

  • Your goal should always be to support the student and not to attack or provoke the school staff. They want the best for the student too and you need to work together for the best outcomes possible.


Let’s try it this month! Send out an email newsletter or text blast to your clients saying that for this month only, you are offering a special of $75 (or whatever you want to charge) to attend their child’s next parent-teacher conference or 504 plan meeting or IEP meeting. If you’re not able to go into the school, offer an alternative like $35 to meet with the parents over Zoom before the school meeting to give the parents tips and ideas for talking with the school about dyslexia.

I PROMISE you that if you become more involved with your local schools, meet the staff, assist parents in this way, and help support the student in the classroom, you will see both short-term and long-term benefits for the student AND your business. It’s a win-win for everyone!


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